Alzheimer SOCKS

Two different sock-designs to symbolize the confusing state of mind Alzheimer patients struggle with on a daily base. One sock being designed by Frans Molenaar, a famous Dutch designer, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The other one by Mart Visser, designer, colleague and his friend. Buy Alzheimer Socks now and support research to Alzheimer’s disease.

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Buy these socks and support research for Alzheimer’s.

Dementia affects one out of five people in The Netherlands. Despite of this, we hardly ever talk about it. Wearing Alzheimer SOCKS is a conversation starter and an acknowledgement of the impact on the lives of its patients and their loved ones. The profit of Alzheimer SOCKS is fully donated to research at the VUmc Alzheimer Center in Amsterdam.

Help us to conquer Alzheimer's disease. So nobody needs to lose himself.

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Two designers.
One Purpose.


VUmc Alzheimer Center

As nationally and internationally recognized research institution, the VU mc Alzheimer Center focusses on diagnostics, treatment and research of Dementia. Curious about which research YOU are supporting by buying Alzheimer SOCKS?